Lighthouse Leadership Academy

Together we will build families who are

dedicated to pursuing a great education,

inspired to live consecrated lives,

and courageous in raising the standard of liberty.

Preliminary Calendar 2016-17


Fall Semester 2016

First Day of Class August 25

Fall Break Oct 13

Thanksgiving Nov 24

Last Day of Fall Semester Dec 8

Family Feast & Awards Night Dec 12


Winter Semester 2017

First Day of Class Jan 12

Shakespeare Auditions Feb 9 (Shakespeare Conquest Only)

Shakespeare Rehearsals begin Feb 23, 24 to March 31

Thursday in class and Fridays 11:00 to 2:00

Spring Break March 16

Shakespeare Tech Week April 3-7 No regular classes; Practice 11:30-3 daily

Shakespeare Production April 7,8

Last day of Class April 27

Class List 2016-17

  • Lighthouse Leadership Academy is a volunteer organization, so we rely on family involvement and the dedication of our mentors. We work together to make our community great! Together we can do so much more! Each family will have essential support responsibilities and teaching assignments.
  • Classes will be held at The Refuge Church (9817 Huff n Puff Road, Arlington TN 38002) on Thursdays.
  • Fall semester will be 14 weeks of class, with a week off for Fall Break and Thanksgiving. There will be a family Awards Night near the end of Fall semester.
  • Winter semester will be 14 weeks of class, with a week off for Spring Break and a week off for the production of our Shakespeare play.
Juniors Classes
Moms will rotate through a teaching schedule by month in Sprouts, and take turns in Nursery provided for other moms who are teaching.
Sprouts (ages 4 to 8): 9:30-11:00
Children will play and do simple crafts, read with the mentors, and develop their ability to work and play together.
Wonders (ages 9 to 11): 9:30-11:00
Kids will present their own learning projects to their friends, work on group projects, read chapter-books and discuss them, and begin working on personal goals. This group will help ignite a love of learning that will help to promote a great scholar experience.
Scholars Classes
->For ages 12 to 18. These class projects are designed to help young people have a great Scholar Phase by introducing many new skills, developing scholarly abilities, enhancing their vision for the future, and giving them an awareness of their own personal purpose and mission.
->Scholar classes are challenging and require a significant time commitment. Parents will need to limit other classes and assignments so that scholars will not feel overwhelmed, particularly those taking 2 or more classes.
->You might want to have each of these classes count as more than one credit, such as a history, science or social studies class and an English class, since there is a lot of reading and writing involved.
Shakespeare Conquest
For ages 12 and up. This is our essential scholar project, designed to help young people really make the transition into great scholarship. Play games, read Shakespeare, discover the Elizabethan era, and earn amazing awards! We encourage young people to take this class twice because it’s so much fun, and to help the “newbies” catch the vision of what it’s like to conquer Shakespeare. Scholars will study a tragedy this fall, and then produce a comedy in the spring.
Pyramid Project
For ages 13 and up. How many times do you wonder about something in our amazing world each day? Wondering is the first step to being a great scientist, and in this project we will read about famous men and women of science who wondered their way into the history books! This is a great project for young scholars to begin using the skills of a scientist, while having great discussions and doing interesting projects.
Sword of Freedom/Hero Project
For ages 13 and up. Fall semester will introduce our scholars to the problems and questions of the Civil War, with the opportunity to see it from both sides. Scholars will read several novels and discuss them in class, as well as participating in several exciting simulations, with the goal of earning their own sword. Winter semester will focus on World War II, and the Hero Generation that rose to the challenges of the time. Our scholars will come to know those heroes by hearing their stories and seeing their challenges, and they will come to understand that each and every person has a unique mission to perform in this life.
One-year Adventure Novel
For ages 14 and up. What makes a story? What makes a novel memorable? Is it great characters, lots of action, and a complex plot, or is it something more? In this class we will learn principles of storytelling, discuss what makes great characters and plots, and dive into the difficult task of writing a complete novel, as well as developing our scholars’ moral compass. Scholars will read several adventure novels to discuss in class and have weekly writing assignments.
For ages 14 and up. This class is for mature scholars who are on a quest to learn from the greatest speakers and statesmen and women in history. This is an in-depth study class that will help young people see how to use their skills, abilities, and voice to make a difference in our world. Scholars will read biographies, write papers, enjoy an introduction to debate, and practice in-class written exams. An exciting class for great discussions, debates, and thinking!
 Registration fee per year:
     $125 per Family, plus $50 per Scholar, per semester (ages 12 and up). All who participate in the Shakespeare Play production will have a $25 costume fee.