Lighthouse Leadership Academy

Together we will build families who are

dedicated to pursuing a great education,

inspired to live consecrated lives,

and courageous in raising the standard of liberty.

We meet weekly to provide excellent classes and projects for all ages. 

Organization Style:

* Juniors (ages 0-12):

Co-op style teaching--all children must have a parent volunteering in the classrooms

* Scholars (ages 12-18):

Dedicated, trained mentors leading intense scholar projects



* Nursery (0-3)

Playtime, reading, and snacks

* Sprouts (4-7)

Lots of play time and co-operative games, crafts, and stories.

* Wonders (8-11)

Reading books together, working on craft and study projects independently and together, preparing presentations for class, and enjoying lots of exciting learning adventures.


Scholar Projects:

  • Shakespeare Conquest

The essential project that sets us apart.  Students study the master of human nature in the most engaging experience so his works come to life. Study one play in depth during first semester, reading a scene or two weekly with a mentored discussion to apply the content to their lives (the plays are relevant to the things they struggle with like jealousy, friendships, and…yes…love). Second semester is dedicated to producing a Shakespearean comedy with full Renaissance costumes.


  • Key of Liberty

Students dive into the founding of our country, learning about the events surrounding the creation of the Constitution. Scholars have challenging reading, writing, and memorization to complete to earn awards and show their mastery of the principles of freedom.


Other classes as mentors are available:

* Sword of Freedom: in-depth study of the Civil War

* Hero Project: inspiring class about the 2 World Wars

* Pyramid Project: see math and science in your everyday life, and be inspired by great scientists

* Unleashing Your Voice: no-fear public speaking 

* Writing Adventures: creative writing to encourage the novelist in you

* Biophilia: loving the natural world and having great experiences outside

* Quest: the search for your personal purpose starts with the study of many great men and women who have had great impact, such as Gandhi, Lincoln, Martin Luther, Churchill, Mother Theresa, and others